U.S Veteran owned small business


"Our goal is to create the highest quality experience within our shop and beyond. If we do that, then we succeed. We define success one roast at a time, one drink at a time, one customer at a time. "


458 S. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas CA, 92024. Our primary platform that allows us to share and unfold the intricate layers that coffee has to offer.

Ironsmith Coffee Roasters began in the fall of 2013. The name is derived from the characteristics of the founders, who desire to work with their hands and master their crafts. The shop was literally built by the founders, from the ground up; windows, tiles, bar, drywall and the installation of the coffee roaster. Creativity and mastery of a craft is what bonded the company into what it is today, what it was when it began, and what it will be in the future. We choose to get our hands dirty because we desire to understand how and why things work. Our approach to coffee is quantifiable because we believe the quality in coffee is objective, not subjective.

Our shop is located in downtown Encinitas, once a sleepy beach town is now a bustling destination getaway for many people. We operate in a small 720 sq/ft corner building on the main strip. With large windows and operating garage door, the natural breeze from the ocean and ample sunlight give us a soothing and relaxing environment to serve coffee for everyone.


Our roastery is located in our Encinitas shop. It is a pivotal process that allows us to highlight the best characteristics out of each coffee we procure.

Before coffee is roasted, it is considered raw and is commonly called "green coffee", referring to the green color coffee has after it has been washed and dried. Our goal is to showcase the quality created by the farmers and nature; coffee varieties, cultivation, cultivar, soil conditions, rain, and the sun all leave their impact on how coffee will subsequently taste.

We roast coffee on a 5k Diedrich. The combination of the Infrared technology as the heating elements and its small batch capability allows us to roast in smaller quantities for better control of the roasting process. We roast lightly so that we can preserve those delicate flavors, but ensure we reach full development of each coffee.

Our selection process is enduring and intentional. We choose coffees that are clean, sweet, complex and unique. Our process is enduring because we follow the coffee harvest cycle, as different countries will harvest their crops at different times during the year. This allows us to offer only the freshest coffees throughout the year. We will either partner with coffee traders that have long standing direct relationships or establish our own direct trade relationship with farmers. These relationships are important for us as it helps ensure farmers are adequately paid, which helps incentivize them to taking interest in raising farming standards.

We are intentional because each coffee selected is treated individually for a specific purpose. We will bring out the most desirable flavors within the coffee and intentionally use that lot for either single origin espresso, espresso with milk beverages, or filter drip.

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