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Knowing how and which coffee to buy to take home as a customer can be intimidating, especially if the shop you’re buying from doesn’t make it easy to tell the difference from the selection they have. Why buy the Ethiopian from Guji versus the Ethiopian from Yirgacheffe? Why does it say single origin and the others don’t say anything? Why is this one $25 for 12oz?

Unfortunately, most coffee shops don’t think about the “retail” experience as much as they should, especially because selling coffee bags is just that, a retail experience.
To be fair, we’ve fallen into that category ourselves in the past, not putting enough attention to the retail experience for our guests. Doesn’t mean we have to stay that way.
You may have noticed our packaging has changed a bit in the past few months. We started separating our different coffees under three main categories:
1.) ASAP
Under each category, we will change which coffee or blend we feel best suits that category. It's our job as the experts to make coffee taste great and to make your decision making easier, just sit back and enjoy it.
Literally, if you need coffee As Soon As Possible without having to think about if its tasting notes will work well with your pour over recipe. Imagine waking up and you have friends from out of town in, you go to your cabinet and realize you’re out of coffee. You just need anything (well not just anything) to throw into the grinder to get your day started for everyone. Trust us, the coffee we select to fall into this category will ALWAYS taste good. It's our easy to digest coffee, priced appropriately for the coffee drinker who doesn’t really want to get into single estate geisha lots. The coffees we include in this line are usually regional or farm blends from central and South America. Typically have flavor notes of dark chocolates to brown spices.
Ever look to buy coffee for a friend as a gift and want to impress them because you know they use a competition recipe for their Aeropress? Look no further. Our SHAREline are coffees that cover your needs and probably your friends and family who love coffee too. These can be regional blends, single estate and even micro-lot coffees that have exceptional notes that range from almonds to sweet floral notes.
Ah! The most exceptional of our selections. Not for the faint-hearted. These UNIQUE coffees stand out not only in their natural flavors but because these coffees are truly one of a kind. We usually source micro lots for this category and more than likely are in limited supply. This won't be on our shelves often, but when you do see them, we suggest scooping up a bag if you’re looking for a coffee to remember. These can come from many regions but expect rare Ethiopian varietals and experimental processed coffees from all over. These coffees will typically have flavor notes of exotic fruits to floral finishes. 
Grab your bag and let us know what you think!
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