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Ethiopia: A Dream Come True

Ethiopia. A place rich in diversity, history, and best of all, coffee. It is a green coffee buyer's Disneyland because there are so many attractions to choose from. Coffee grows wild here. In the back of people's homes to the higher elevations of Guj Sidamo.

Getting to Ethiopia was literally a dream come true. Ethiopian coffee, for most amateur coffee drinkers, is the coffee that creates that epiphany. That moment where you realize coffee doesn't have to taste like, well, just coffee as we traditionally know it.

The pictures below were taken on our recent trip to Ethiopia. Our first sourcing trip to origin, sponsored by Latorre and Dutch. What you'll see are the faces behind the coffee we enjoy. Something so special and unique, we've come to realize that coffee, at least for the people producing it, is more than just a beverage to kickstart your day, it's a way of life. It's a means for connecting with people halfway around the world and for a brief moment, realizing that we need each other because alone, neither of us would have this coffee life we all love.







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